Wholesale Orders
       Yes, we do offer wholesale,  On orders of   $275.00   or more.    Generally it is 25% off our regular retail price, however on large orders that rate can be ajusted accordingly.

        Delivery time will  depend on the size of the order.    Our standard is four to six weeks, but very often is much less.   Delivery time is affected by our show schedule, time of year, and etc.     When we are busy, it will
take longer (towards the six weeks, end of the spectrum). 

        If you are going to attend a show that we are part off, delivery can be made there.   Other than that we can ship anywhere.    Other arrangements also can be made.     And of course, you can visit our studio and pick up your order.    That way you can see just how your stoneware is made.    And we would be happy to have you visit.

        Call us and we will be able to discuss your order, as all things can be flexable.