Any information:
1: That you feel would be of use to us or any other
2:  Shows, we all would like to know about.
3:  Sources for equipment or supplies.
4:  I'm sure there are many other things I can't think of
     right off my head.
5:  Send information to eithier of the e-mail's above or
     you can post it in the guest book.   That way, anybody
     visting the site can read your notes.    I will, in the near
     future, be writing a message board to post with the site
     so that we can have an open forum to discuss/post all
     our ideas.     
6:  This is not just for the Artist/Crafter group .  It is
      open/welcome to all.   Everybody has something
      they can contribute.   We all can help, because
      everybody's view and opinion is valid.  For example
       a customer may put you on to your "best show of the